Passé Composé

Une expérience que j’ai eu au Galapagos. Je suis allé en Galapagos en 2017. Dans l’ile Galapagos je suis allé faire du kayak. Il y a eu beaucoup de crabe. J’ai eu tres peur!  Nous avons vu beaucoup de tortoises. Notre guide touristique été nommé David. Il a été tres gentil et un bon guide.

Une autre chose que nous avons fait est on a mangé de la crème glacée tout les soirs.

J’ai toujours mangé le même gout, Mora. Ma partie préférée a éte quand nous sommes allé pour une longue promenade. J’ai eu une grosse dispute avec ma soeur, Jenny. Aussi nous sommes allé a cet endroit que nous avons eu le dîner tout les soirs. On a toujours mangé de la pizza ou des sanwiches. C’été bien delicieux! La partie la plus chouette a été quand nous avons eu tellement de différents types de nourriture! Surtout ca été tres amusant!

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Moda Ani and Torah Torah

Moda Ani: 

Moda Ani is a song that says thank you for returning my soul and and giving me another day of chy. 


Torah Torah:

It means that we sing about the torah and we thank God for giving us the best gift that the israelites ever got!


This is my video on what we are doing in math!

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Black Friday

Today is black Friday! I am so excited I am going to go shopping for my brothers birthday it is very soon. Incase you don’t know what black Friday is then it is a day/weekend where almost all stores have huge sales. I think that the sales go up to 70% off. I always make sure that if I need something new than I try go today!

If you got 50 dollars on black Friday what would you get

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My Slideshow

This is my slideshow of my Jewish Studies. I was learning about colours in Hebrew.

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Jewish Studies

In Jewish Studies we are learning about Hanukkah! I drew a picture of a dreidel and a channukiah and a present. If you do not know what Hanukkah is then it is the story about how Yahuda the Maccabi fought the Greeks. He was a very strong man and only could talk to his brothers and his father. One day the Greeks decided to have a war agents the Jews and Yahuda decided to fight against the Greeks and… THEY WON! It was so exciting. That is one of the reasons we celebrate Hanukkah!



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My Avatar!

This is my avatar, I think it really looks like me because I always wear my hair up in a bun or a pony tail. I chose to wear the colour yellow because on weekends I normally wear yellow because during the school week I have a school uniform, and in the uniform I have a sweat shirt with my last name on the back it’s so cool!


Do you have a uniform?

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