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Me in Numbers

Here is a picture is me and things that connect to my live.


Thee are so many ways that math can connect but read this slide to really educate me.


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My Middle School Retreat Experience

About one week ago I went on something called the middle school retreat! It is an experience that all middle school students do for 3 days to get to know each other.

This year the theme was rebuilding community. I learnt all about that and how it is very important to have strong relationships with your community.

On day one we went to a park to have breakfast and we had lots of fun. Not only did we eat breakfast we also did some activities on building a strong community. One of the activities we did was was introverts and extroverts trying to get along and it was very funny. Not only did I learn the introverts and extroverts don’t get a long too well, I also learned a lot of how the other person thinks and how I should always think twice and really teaches me to always see the other side.

In the afternoon we went to OCR park. it was very fun but extremely tiering. I still had a lot of fun!

On day two we had to be at school by 6:30 AM!!!! That was CRAZY!!! It was still very fun because we went on a bus to get to the Ontario river. We went… WHITE WATER RAFTING!!! It was so fun! My tour guides name was Jordan and he was very nice. We had a lot of fun that day.

On day three we did a bunch of activities involving rebuilding community. it was very educational!

I really enjoyed the middle school retreat this year because I got to spend a bunch of time with my friends.

My favourite part about the whole thing was the OCR gyp park, we all had a lot of fun!

I am super excited for next year… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

What is Sustainability?

My class and I had an activity today and we were learning about Sustainability. Here is a slide presentation about what I learned:



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דגל ישראל

יום אחד הייתה ילדה והיא מאוד  אוהבת לצייר. אביה אמר לה לצייר לו תמונה של דגל ישראל. והיא אמרה “כן”. היא ציירה את התמונה שאתם רואים כאן. היא ציירה עם כל ההתלהבות שבה. היא אהבה לצייר כל מה שהיא יכולה ולכן ציירה את הפוסטר הזה.

An Icky Sticky Night

In  class I was told to wright a memoir, and I decided to write my memoir on my experience of my one night at the Bedouin tent.


I chose this topic because it was a very meaningful vacation. One, because I was with my whole family, and two was because I learned a great lesson, and that lesson is is that you can find happiness wherever you are.


When I learned that lesson, it changed me because it taught me that you can find happiness even in the places that seem that there is no happiness to find.


“Happiness not given you have to find it”, those were the last few words in my memoir. I want people to know that happiness is special, finding it is hard, you should always look for it and not wait for it to come.


Here is my memoir:


“You’re going to love it there,” my mom told me. My grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, my mom, my dad and my siblings were traveling around Israel for my sisters bat mitzvah. We were traveling by bus and the next stop was in the desert for one night. My mom would not stop saying things like “I booked this one just for you” and “this is going to be the best night ever”. I thought we were going to some fany, elegant and all inclusive hotel. Little did I know I was wrong. 

This is my story of my one night at the Bedowin tent. 

After being on a bus for over an hour, we finally arrived. As I looked around all I saw was tents, tents and more tents. I could feel the hot sand blowing in my face, but the smell was exquisite. I could smell food, chicken and rice, and let me tell you, I was excited for dinner! “Okay guys, we all get to sleep in a tent” my mom said, “tent singular?!” I asked. 

This time I thought my mom was crazy, I knew this had to be some kind of a joke. Again I was wrong. “Your tent is this way,” the guide said. After walking around the substantial piece of land, we arrive at our tent. There were no beds, no bathroom, just noisy people next door. “We should all set up our mattresses” mom said. She pointed to the pile of mattresses in the corner. They looked repellent and there was no way I was gonna sleep that night. Me and my cousins obviously chose beds right next to each other, and it was so fun. We all had downloads on our ipads, so after a long day we watched some TV. “You guys are filthy” Uncle Aaron said, “go take a shower”. The thought of taking a shower, with other people in the stall right beside me, made me nauseous. But I swallowed my pride and walked to the shower house anyway. My sister and I, Jenny, chose stalls right next to each other so that we could throw over the 

shampoo and conditioner. Not gonna lie it was a really great shower. There was warm water and it was really fun to have people around me. The perfect word to use to describe the way I was feeling is comforting. Finally when I was done my shower I walked back to the tent to get ready for dinner. I can remember this memory vividly. As I was walking back to the tent I saw people eating all together. It was dinner time. It was such a great feeling watching people altogether and the minute I saw that, I knew this was one of the best moments of my life. When I got back to the tent I got dressed and went to another tent for dinner time. We sat on the floor. Even though I knew it was weird, I didn’t care because I was starving. Chicken and rice, finally I was right about something! The chicken tasted succulent. The taste was one I can’t seem to forget, It was amazing. It was around 9:30 pm and we were sitting on our beds just talking and I could hear the wind blowing outside. Even though it was not very late, we were all very tired. After talking for over an hour we all finally fell asleep.

It was hard to sleep that night. One, because it was very cold,  two because the people next door could not get any louder, and there was because the beds were so excruciating. After a good hour I fell asleep, but not for long. I kept on waking up, over and over again, finally falling asleep. 

The morning was cold, but I could feel it getting warm. The minute I woke up the guide rushed me to a big cabin to eat breakfast. “But I am not hungry yet” I said, “well you won’t be hungry later because it is going to get very hot, very fast and you are not going to wanna eat when it’s warm outside”. I couldn’t argue because after all, he knew better then I did. Eggs, yogurt, cereal, pancakes, waffles and much more. The word delicious sounded like an understatement. It was mouth watering. Moments later everyone joined me. We all ate fast because my mom said she planned a special surprise. My energy that morning was the best mood I was probably ever in, considering I did not get a lot of sleep, and a surprise sounded awesome. 

“Keep your helmet on at all times” The guide said. Camels, camels were my mom’s surprise. And even though it did not look too comfortable, it looked fun! We all got on camels and I shared one with my dad. I can vividly remember we named him Albert, and he seemed like a happy camel! After riding the camel around the dessert, it was time to pack up and leave. 

Leaving was the last thing I wanted, which was weird because at the beginning all I wanted to do was leave and now I understood why I had so much fun. I was with my family, all bonding together. And from that moment one, I understood a great lesson, and that is, is that you can find happiness wherever you are, as long as you have the right people around you, and that happiness is not given, you have to find it. 


I hope you like it!: Sasha


Hebrew Short Story

ום אחד הייתה ילדה דינה. ודינה אוהבת לאפות. דינה ואמא שלה אוהבות לאפות יחד. יום אחד הם אופות עוגה במטבח. הם שרות יחד. והם הכינו עוגה נהדרת!


A Sunny Afternoon

This activity was all about my dream vacation, but more importantly it is about sensory language. Sensory language is very important because it will tell the reader the same thing you saw, smelled, heard, tasted and or touched at that moment. The main goal the author wants is for you to use it the senses to visualize whatever they are trying to describe. It will put you as the reader into the same view.


One thing I would change by going threw this process again is try to make it a tiny bit more descriptive. I did use sensory language pretty well but maybe a bit more detail would be nice.


The one main thing I learned by this activity was what sensory language was. Before I had no clue, but now I know exactly what can make a story better.


Here Is my short story

Snack Attack Hebrew Film

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This is a video me and my partner Audrey created. Instead of english words, we replaced it with hebrew words! I am very proud of this video and we worked very hard:)

Check out my partners blog here

Do you like the film?

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– Sasha

The Giving Project

This term in elective I decided to create a website spreading awareness about cancer. This power point will tell you everything that you need to know and will give you a link to my website itself! Please check it out and spread awareness too!



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The Space A Licious!

Here is a rocket that I built on Tinkerdcad:


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