This year a break felt really great,

Because I had a lot on my plate.

The minute I stepped out of school,

I told myself the brake was gonna rule.

When my cousins came I was so excited,

 I think they were also so delighted!

I had nothing to do yet some fun,

Maybe I can chill out in the sun.

All of a sudden I tripped on a plastec star,

My toe was as big as a car.

I got up and shook it off,

Even though I am pretty soft.

Before the lockdown I went trampolining,

How am I gonna find a rhyme with that meaning?

My cousin tripped and hurt her knee,

I said she should sit off and she said she agreed.

She said she was fine with a little coff,

Even though her knee nearly fell off.

I knew the break would be really weird,

But after it happened there was nothing to be feared.

Towards the end of the break family friends came,

It really was the opposite of lame.

We drove to the ski hill that night,

To grab some yummy food to bite.

In the summer there is a willow,

But the snow was as soft as a pillow.

After the break was over I was pretty sad,

But my break had not been bad.


Here is a poster

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המטיילים הצעירים‎

:המטיילים הצעירים‎ הנה פרויקט על

(עשיתי מצגת בגוגל)


המטיילים הצעירים‎

Equity and Equality

Here is a song I wrote about Equity and Equality: In this project what I had to do was I had a choice to make a video, write a song or do something that describes my personality. Each and every project described the difference between equity and equality but also having a little fun with it!

My favourite part about this was presenting the project because it was a really fun rap:) If I could I would do this all again!

Maybe next time I can make the rap a little longer and have the rhymes rhyme better. Other then that this was super fun!



Access to Education

Here is a poser I made for children who have the right to be educated.


ils meritent autant que nous…



Here is the poster I made…

Un colis mystérieux

Ma sœur Julie et moi venons tout juste de rentrer de l’école. J’ouvre le réfrigérateur

quand j’entends sonner à la porte. Je vais ouvrir, et un homme me donne un gros

colis ( package ). Il est adressé à nous deux.

Je dis à l’homme que nous n’avons rien commandé, mais il me répond que les

instructions du bureau de poste étaient claires : le colis mystérieux est pour nous.

Nous ouvrons la boîte et d
es paires de lunettes! Donc je mets mon visage sur mon visage. Deux heures plus tard, je vais au hockey.

Après 10 minutes je marque un but! Ce ne m’est jamais arrivé!

La chose étrange était que je portais des paires de lunettes.

Après le hockey, je cuis un gâteau. J’ai toujours la glace en mangeant le gâteau. Le gâteau est délicieux. Les porte encore, c’était tellement bizarre. 

Une heure plus tard, je vais à l’épicerie pour acheter du maïs et du lait parce que quand je cuisinais, je l’ai tout utilisé.

Quand je suis arrivé à la caisse, je portais toujours des paires de lunettes. Elle dit que tu peux l’avoir pour gratuit. J’étais très content.

Cela a été une journée bizarre et je voulais vraiment faire une sieste.

Je pense que ces des paires de lunettes sont…

Rocket Flight Analysis Video

In My Rocket Flight Analysis Video I would have loved to talk more about thrust ,drag, lift and gravity. which are the forces that help any airplane or rocket fly.


In this process I learnt a lot about the forces and how hard flying actually is.


Next time I will try to improve building my rocket and put more wight in the front of the rocket to reduce drag.


Overall I had a really fun time during this process and I think it was really fun!


Here is my video:



הנה המצגת שלי “על אני”, אני כותבת מה אני אוהבת אמי אני?


על אני




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My Family Project

For my Family Project I decided to do a video of me asking my family a bunch of questions about where I am from and who my family is. The main skills I was working on during the process of this project was editing. I really loved to be able to incorporate music and transitions into the video. 


In this process I learnt a lot about being a director and editor, I think it will help me in the future to keep getting better at editing and cinematography. 


Next time I would have loved to make the transitions a bit more intense and maybe that will make my project more fun and look  better. 


Even though it was a hard process it was a fun one and I am very proud of my work!


Here is the video


– Sasha


Egghead Trailer

Egghead Video

For my Egghead Project I decided to make a trailer on the book. I really focused on all the different aspects of the book. I think in this book there is action and romance. 


I chose to do a trailer because I think that it is very interesting to work with friends and classmates to create something that will show people what the book is all about. I also chose a trailer because it really gets the picture of the book in people’s heads, maybe that will want to make them read the book and enjoy it as much as I did! 


I think this trailer connects to the book because I used real scenes from the book. Because I did that It makes people want to read the book. That is what a trailer is all about.


The main quotes in my trailer are when Katie says “Are you kidding me!” because she shows that she will not tolerate people that are mean to others. The other quote is when Devan finally stands up for himself and others and says “his name is Will! I can’t stand your little pranks anymore first Will then Katie?!?!”


I think that shows me how Devan really did have a good heart inside. 


During the process of the trailer and actually filming it. I would have hoped to maybe add more lines to each scene but I am still very happy with the finishing product! 


From this whole process I learnt how to film better, edit better and create a scripted better!


Overall this was super fun to do and I learnt a lot from it!

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Transferring Energy

This is a video of how I use energy…


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