This year a break felt really great,

Because I had a lot on my plate.

The minute I stepped out of school,

I told myself the brake was gonna rule.

When my cousins came I was so excited,

 I think they were also so delighted!

I had nothing to do yet some fun,

Maybe I can chill out in the sun.

All of a sudden I tripped on a plastec star,

My toe was as big as a car.

I got up and shook it off,

Even though I am pretty soft.

Before the lockdown I went trampolining,

How am I gonna find a rhyme with that meaning?

My cousin tripped and hurt her knee,

I said she should sit off and she said she agreed.

She said she was fine with a little coff,

Even though her knee nearly fell off.

I knew the break would be really weird,

But after it happened there was nothing to be feared.

Towards the end of the break family friends came,

It really was the opposite of lame.

We drove to the ski hill that night,

To grab some yummy food to bite.

In the summer there is a willow,

But the snow was as soft as a pillow.

After the break was over I was pretty sad,

But my break had not been bad.


Here is a poster

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